Fixing what’s broken…Putting America First Again!

"I’ve had it with what the extremists in Washington, D.C. are doing to our country and way of life. As an Ozarks builder and developer for over 40 years, I know every successful project begins with a good plan.  My Contract with the Ozarks is the right plan to fix what the career politicians and their extremist cohorts have broken.  It is more than a promise.  It is my contract with you to put America First Again as your next congressman."

Pass a Federal Balanced
Budget Amendment

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I will co-sponsor a federal balanced budget Amendment
every year I am in congress until it passes.

It’s been forty years since Americans have been so ravaged by inflation.  It is a direct result of wrong-headed decisions by the extremists now in control of our federal government.  The inflation that is costing the average family over $300 dollars a month and rising, is caused by the out-of-control spending by the federal government---money it must borrow.  It is a huge hidden tax on Americans. It undermines our individual and national financial security.

 The first way to stop the out-of-control spending is by passing the federal balanced budget amendment, which I will co-sponsor in congress.  About twenty years ago, Missouri faced many of the maladies now facing our country.  I took temporary leave from my business to serve as a part-time, citizen-legislator in the Missouri House and Senate. As part of a team of conservative leaders who had built their careers in the private sector, we did the heavy-lifting and made the tough choices that balanced Missouri’s budget---that was deep in the red. A federal balanced budget amendment will force the setting of the right priorities and bring down the wasteful federal spending. 

The balanced budget amendment will also force the federal government to stop burying future generations of Americans in a debt that threatens their opportunities and risks their financial security.

Secure the Border 

I will co-sponsor legislation to secure our borders by fully enforcing our laws, the policies that worked during the Trump Administration, opposing amnesty for those who chose to enter our country illegally, and by finishing the wall.

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The crisis on our southern border is a direct result of bad choices made by the extremists in control in Washington, D.C., starting with Biden who created the crisis by dismantling what was working in the Trump Administration

Deadly drugs, human traffickers, gang members and who knows what other evils are transiting our southern border every day.  In a shameful attempt to build votes for their liberal agenda, Biden, Pelosi and their donors are risking the lives of our young people, subjecting children to abuse, undermining our American workers, and making our streets more dangerous.  We must retake control of our borders.

Every nation has the right and responsibility to control its own borders. It is the only way a country can ensure the proper assimilation of legal immigrants with the skills it needs and who have the resources to be self-supporting.

Support the Constitution’s Guarantee of Individual & State Rights 

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I will oppose any and all efforts which weaken our
constitutional Guarantees.

The U.S. Constitution is designed to limit the power of the government, and by so doing, proclaim and safeguard the rights and decision-making authority of the people and the states.  As a constitutional conservative I strongly support our constitutional rights and liberties, including our Second Amendment rights.

I was fortunate to be a leader in passing Missouri’s first ever Right to Carry law and the Castle Doctrine to allow for you to defend yourself and your family.  I am proud of the “A’ ratings I earned from the NRA.

Our nation was founded by men and women of faith, individuals who fought a revolution to win the independence we enjoy today.

Protecting Life

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I will always vote to protect innocent life.  

I am 100% pro-life and am proud that I helped pass multiple pro-life initiatives in Missouri that dramatically restricted abortion clinics and thus abortions in our state.  A fundamental role of government is to protect innocent life.

Term limits

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I have signed the U.S. Term Limits Pledge and will co-sponsor and support real term limits for members of congress.

I served as a part time citizen legislator with voter passed term limits.  Term limits bring new people, with new and better ideas, and limit the chances for corruption within the system. The people support term limits, and so do I.

No New Job-killing Taxes on Americans

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I have signed the Americans for Tax Reform No New Taxes Pledge and will not support higher taxes on Americans.

Government has missions it needs to accomplish for us; things we cannot better do for ourselves, such as roads and national defense.  For these essential services, we pay taxes.  America’s problem is not that we are not taxed enough, it is that the government spends far too much on things it should not.

I was happy to be a leader in doing the heavy-lifting to cut taxes on Missourians---including passing the largest income tax cut in state history.  The last thing we need are new or higher job-killing taxes from the federal government. 

Parents’ Bill of rights

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I will co-sponsor a true Parents’ Bill of Rights.

The more we learned about who the government thought had responsibility for our children and youth, the more upset Americans rightfully became.   When we watched large

public-school districts attack parents who simply asked questions of what was being taught to their children, and how they stone-walled transparency requests, the more reason we have had for concern.

It is sad, but apparently true, that we need a law to affirm that parents have a right to know what is being taught to their kids at school.  Additionally, we need to affirm that the mission of our public schools is to educate, not indoctrinate our children and youth with left-wing propaganda.  

Peace through Strength

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I will vote to support and prioritize national defense commitments to preserve peace and make sure we keep our commitments to our veterans.

The Biden Administration’s disaster of an exit from Afghanistan, led to the challenges to liberty we see around the world today.  We see clearly the human cost of America projecting weakness on the world stage.

Putin has lusted for Ukraine for years, but it wasn’t until we showed weakness that he unleashed his war crimes on his neighboring country.   Peace through strength has worked to keep the peace in the past and weakness has been punished by wars.

Veterans have put their lives on the line for us.  We must keep our promises made to them. Our freedom has never been won or maintained without high cost.  We must never waver in our support of their mission while in uniform, nor shirk from our responsibilities to them after their service. 

Support Law Enforcement

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I will Always vote to Support the Vital Mission
of Law Enforcement

One of the worst things the extremists on the left have done is attack our members of law enforcement and to try to defund police departments.  Now they act surprised that crime is rampant, and people are less safe in their homes and communities.  Even worse, they have convinced some it is okay to target our men and women in uniform.

Now investigations have provided new evidence of what we had suspected, the liberal elites in D.C. have weaponized national law enforcement and intelligence agencies against conservatives.  This is not only wrong, it is dangerous to our nation’s future and our liberty.

I am humbled to have been endorsed by so many in law enforcement in southwest Missouri.  They keep us safe, and we must never forget that every day they show up for work, they know they could be targeted. They are true heroes. 

Energy Independence for America

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I will co-sponsor an American Energy Independence Act

America had finally achieved energy independence with the wise policies implemented during the Trump Administration.  In short order, the extremist Democrats declared war on American energy sources and jobs, shutdown pipelines, closed exploration options, and even attempted to cut off financing for traditional energy projects.  It made tyrants like Putin rich enough to launch war against his neighbor, and it has skyrocketed fuel costs for our cars and trucks and pushed home heating costs through the roof.

I will support an “all of the above” energy policy that employs traditional and new technologies and lets consumers decide which works best for their families. The competition it brings will lower consumer costs and allow us to achieve energy independence. It will also mean that the sorry spectacle of Biden begging dictators and communists for oil never has to be repeated.

American Farming for Freedom

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I will support American Family Farmers 

We learned during the pandemic the danger of depending on nations like China for essential products and services. Imagine if we relied on them for the food we must have to live.  Farming is perhaps the most essential industry we have.

Due to the failing health of my father, I was forced to take over the management of our family farm when I was just 15.  No one needs to tell me the hard work, risks and financial demands put on farm families. American farmers deserve our support.  They also deserve relief from senseless regulations and red tape from D.C. politicians and bureaucrats.

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